Gaelic football rules

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gaelic football rules

And while most of you will be more than familiar with the rules and Gaelic football is played with a ball that is slightly smaller than that used in. Gaelic football commonly referred to as football or Gaelic, is an Irish team sport. It is played between two teams of 15 players on a  First played ‎: ‎. Rules of Gaelic Football. Playing field. A Gaelic football pitch is similar in some respects to a rugby pitch but considerably larger. The grass pitch is rectangular.

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Dublin is still known as the football field. A player in possession may carry the ball a maximum of four steps before either: Der Namensgeber für den Pokal ist ein bekannter Gaelic Football Spieler und GAA-Funktionär. Tackling in Gaelic Football is confined to tackling the ball. Der bedeutendste Wettbewerb ist die All-Ireland Senior Football Championship.


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